Repair Gouges in your Ski Base

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Anyone who owns their own pair of skis has experienced the frustration of taking their skis off at the end of the day to find a gouge in the base. Below are the steps necessary to quickly and effectively repair these gouges that can greatly affect the performance of an otherwise nice pair of skis. All supplies necessary can be purchased at your local ski shop and with the help of these instructions can save you money over having a professional repair them.


  1. Place skis with bases up on a solid surface. If you have access to a vice, secure skis in it with a rag between the vice and ski. It is important to make sure there are as few flammable objects as possible around. A garage floor makes a decent working station.
  2. Make sure there is no dirt or other debris in the gouge. If necessary use a rag with rubbing alcohol to clean the spot thoroughly.
  3. Remove any material thats hanging off the gouge beyond the skis flat surface with a razor blade. If the gouge is still rough around the edges, a piece of sandpaper will clean the area up well.
  4. In a safe, ventilated location, light the end of PTEX stick with a lighter and wait for the flame to catch. After a few moments you will notice little droplets of burning liquid dripping from the flame.
  5. Take the stick and carefully hold it within a few inches of the gouge and allow the droplets to land in the gouge. When the gouge has been filled, blow out the flame on the PTEX stick.
  6. Allow the PTEX to cool for 15 minutes.
  7. Using a scraper, remove excess PTEX by running the scraper across the gouge at a 45 degree angle to the ski until the surface is level.
  8. If the gouge is not entirely filled, repeat steps 4-7.
  9. Rub a piece of steel wool over the patched spot to smooth out.
  10. Finish with a quick wipe down with a rag.


  • The first few drops from the PTEX stick will have soot in them and should not be used.
  • When scraping off excess PTEX, make sure your scraper is at 45 degree angle to the ski (see image), and is dragging against the repair and not pushing. This ensures that you wont dislodge the entire piece of PTEX you just put down.
  • Wax skis when finished to help preserve the newly finished base.


  • Be careful when using the lighter or lit PTEX stick. The drops of PTEX falling from the stick may be on fire and can splatter. They should not be allowed to fall more than a few inches from the stick to any surface.

Things You will Need

  • Ski Scraper
  • PTEX or similar Ski Base Repair stick.
  • Lighter
  • Sandpaper
  • Steel wool
  • Rubbing Alcohol

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