How to Wax Skis

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Waxing skis is an important part of the sport. If you own your own equipment, learning to take care of it adds to the excitement and entertainment off the mountain, as well as boosting performance next time you hit the slopes.



  1. Determine how you will wax your skis. There are two different ways, hot wax and cold wax. As the name implies, the different methods use different temperatures to apply the wax.
  2. Lay your skis out. Make sure it is a flat, well lit, and well ventilated workspace.
  3. Apply base cleaner. Base Cleaner removes dirt, dust, and old wax. Apply to a towel and wipe the length of the ski until the whole surface is covered.
  4. Let the skis air dry. Remember not to touch them, or wipe them down.

Hot Wax

  1. Hold the hot iron above the ski, and touch the wax until it melts, and drips onto the skis.
  2. Allow dripped wax to cover a majority of the surface. Use the iron and gently move up and down along the length of the ski, making sure to spread the wax until it coats the entire surface.
  3. Apply more wax where needed, until the entire surface has been covered by a thin layer.
  4. Once the wax has cooled, use a wax scraper, or thin plastic edge to remove excess wax. Make sure it is not metal, and that it will not cut into the ski.

Cold Wax

  1. Apply the wax to the ski directly. make sure to cover the entire surface until it looks wet.
  2. Use a soft nylon cloth to wipe the surface of the ski. Only a few steady swipes down the length to smooth the layer of wax.
  3. Use a soft bristled brush as desired to finish the surface. Only a swipe or two down the length is enough.



  • You want the iron to be hot enough to melt the wax, but not to hot to damage the ski or burn the wax.
  • Do not touch the bottom of skis, especially with your palm and fingers, as the oils can damage the surface of the ski.
  • You should wax skis every few weeks, depending on how often you ski, and how long each day.


  • Make sure the skis are at room temperature before you wax, otherwise they can warp and ruin (mostly for hot wax).
  • Remember, get a new iron to wax skis, the wax will stick, and it will no longer be useful to iron clothes.

Things You will Need

  • Skis
  • Base cleaner
  • Paper towels or nylon cloth
  • Wax (hot or cold)
  • Iron (for hot wax)
  • Clean buffing cloth
  • Soft bristled brush (optional)

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