How to Get up on Waterskis

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Ca not get up on those skis? Well here is how.


  1. Find waterskis that fit you.  use ones that are too big, or small.
  2. Only be pulled by a boat with a motor that can get you out of the water. Small motors can be damaged because of drag caused by the skier.
  3. Once in the water, get skis on and get ready to get up.
  4. Keep all your weight back with your knees bent and together.
  5. Have the driver start out very slowly, so you can get your balance.
  6. Once you feel comfortable, yell "HIT IT".
  7.  let your butt drag in the water for too long, you will know when to stand up.
  8. Once up, keep your weight back.


  • Keep your feet together.

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